Honoka is my absolute best girl <3



Proudest of: SR rush SMILING!(EN) event Honk in 3:17 (probably No.1) and sitting on top of the event after 4.5 hours of restless grinding (20160603)

Got Setsubun Honoka event card with only tokens on EN #DoIt4Honk

Idolized 9 Honoka SRs in one day THANK YOU BASED 4.0 UPDATE 20160708

T1 ALL the Honoka events!

Rank412 on 初イベントは大変!? First Event Nightmare!? (EN) (Smile Honoka) #DoIt4HonkEN

Rank3301 on SMILING! (JP) (Pure Honoka) #DoIt4HonkJP
Rank309 on SMILING! (EN) (Pure Honoka) #DoIt4HonkEN

Rank72 on SCORE MATCH #12 (EN) (Smile Honoka) #DoIt4HonkEN

Rank2100 on 9th Medley Festival (JP) (Cool Honoka) #DoIt4HonkJP

Rank17 on The Song of Love (EN) (Cool Honoka) #DoIt4HonkEN
Rank540 on The Song of Love (EN) (Cool Honoka) #DoIt5HonkEN

Rank1960 on 12th Medley Festival (JP) (Smile Honoka) #DoIt4HonkJP

I still can't believe I just got 3 of the new UR out of 7 pulls o.O

Hi! I'm Dave! I love everything LL related, especially Kousaka Honoka. Feel free to add me in SIF, although I don't really remember how many friend slots I have :/ (I'll make room for you if you have a (UR) Honk as your center ^.^). Also, I'm a Free2Player (well, mostly, only bought gems to scout in Honoka-only box and to expand member space; does this still count as F2P?), so I'm working really hard to get the most Honoka cards possible. Honk to victory!
Have a great day!

Goals in this game
- Get teams full of Honoka SR+ on one account (smile DONE, pure, cool DONE)
- Get a team full of Honoka UR+
- Be first in a Honoka event DONE [ye only for a couple hours but still :^)]
- Idolize dream UR (Wedding Honoka)(soon™)
- Get tricolor Honoka URs on one account:DONE OMFG (20161210)
(if any of the links are not opening, open the first one, that album contains all pics)

If I ever get these done, I'll consider the game be beaten :3

(I've put a little tutorial together if you want to be getting the most out of a starter account, I would love if I could get some feedback on it~)


(honk if you see me)


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