Hey there, I'm Cat-tan~! I have been playing LLSIF since Kanan's birthday, and am loving every second of it! You can find my youtube channel here:

Favorite Animes/Manga/Games:

Danganronpa ((Mondo is best boy, with Taka and TeruTeru. Best Girls are Toko, Aoi, Sayaka, and Chiaki.))

Love Live (obviously lolol)

Mystic Messenger

Oishite Galko-chan!

I also like some K-drama's. I can't name a lot of them, but I have seen a good handful. They are nice to watch after a busy day. ^J^

I love all the girls (and the few boys lolol) in Love Live, but here are my top four's for each group:

Muse- Hanayo, Nico/Nozomi, Rin

Aqours- Dia, Yoshiko, Kanan Mari

Doing the Oshimen Challenge on EN ((I love to torture myself lolol :'D)) Aqours- Ruby Muse- Hanayo

First UR ever Scouted- 6/17/17 ((Job Dia)) First UR on Main- 7/22/17 ((Cyber Nico)) First Tricolor UR's- 9/13/17

Oshimen Achievements: Tri-color Pana UR's 9/17.17

Thanks again for visiting, have a great rest of your day~! c:


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