I'm the kind of person that accidentally sets fire to tea towels.

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I have a UV sensitivity/allergy meaning I have to be in the shade or darkness a lot, ironically Garlic (and onions) makes me sick. I don't like blood though....

I'm on UK time (BST) so I'm active between 10am to 11:30pm

Graphic Design and Illustration. Albeit I still loathe the Graphics bit.


I want to tell you all that I strongly advocate counselling. I keep seeing your (several of you that have done this so far) posts that frankly desperately need that talking therapy. I take suicidal posts seriously, why? Because I've been there, yes it's hard to see anything in that pitch black cloud, but it's a cloud and it'll rain and then it'll disperse bringing back the light. I know that it's difficult and your head is telling you that "you don't matter" but that's the cloud talking. In truth there are so many people out there that love you, some you already have in your life now and others you'll meet one day in the future. * *You ARE important don't throw yourselves away, talk to someone neutral and seek that first step to standing back in the light again. A counsellor is the best option you have in mental health services, anti depressants are temporary but don't allow you to move on from the root of the problems. Counselling however does.

This is important to me.

New note 4/8/17: If you think it's acceptable to join this site then publicly tweet abuse (especially death threats) about anyone on here, then I highly suggest you leave this site. No one here wants that type of toxicity here, it's many peoples safe haven and by posting topics that are not appropriate for the site, you are widely hurting the community and you are at fault when the site falls apart. Again you should leave and go to tumblr where that behaviour seems to be accepted, because it is definitely not here.

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