Hello there , Casual player here

I'm not really awesome , Nor I am a scrub player

Since I'm not a rich person , I'm a free-to-play sif player

Feel free to chat with me , though I rarely on for this website

I'm just keeping a track for my account , Since this website is user friendly , And offer a lot of ease-of-use , Which I like the most

You can send me a DM on my Twitter , I'm always on over there , But on rare occasions , I won't be available

If you want to comment , please don't make it negative

Nor do report me , as I only have one account here

We all live here , with a good personality

So why not , let's have a good day ?

Last but not least , I will only tier when I have the time , as 2017 is going to be very busy for me .

Be kind to me , please !

Hope you have a good day !


3 accounts: